Your clients deserve the best...                                             and we're here to help!

You've spent lots of time and energy cultivating amazing client relationships, and you want to provide them the best customer service, support, and programming. But planning, and implementing health fairs is a drain on your time, and makes it harder to service your client. With our decades of experience, Health Fairs Onsite is the perfect partner to help your clients have an incredible health and wellness experience, and make you look like a winner!

We develop, plan, and execute all the logistics to create interactive, educational, and fun events that get your clients involved in their health and wellness initiatives. Your clients will think you've worked months to create their great events, but all you'll have to do is tell us what you want.

Even if you don't have existing wellness programs, we can create a calendar of health and wellness events that will "bring the wellness discussion alive" for your clients. And our creative solutions can be themed to their specifications or to nationally themed events like Heart Health Month, Diabetes Awareness Month and more!


Here are just some of the themed events we create:

*Annual Health & Wellness Fairs

*Healthy New Year/New You Events

*Wellness Days

*Earth Day Celebrations (April)

*National Blood Pressure Education Month (May)

*Managing Stress Days!

*Fresh & Local Farmers Markets

*Food Truck Events

*Healthy Ice Cream Socials

*Heart Health/Diabetes Month Events


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