Relax! We got this.

Engage your employees and build a positive workplace culture by including corporate chair massage in your office wellness packages. Seated massages are affordable and convenient additions to your workplace that carry immense benefits for your employees and your business.

Corporate chair massage is guaranteed to bring a great atmosphere to your company. And it is also a quick way to bring overall STRESS RELIEF to your staff....and all for less than the cost of a department lunch!


Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage

*Boost employee morale

*Reduce stress in the workplace

*Improve staff productivity

*Decrease health care costs

Chair Massages by Health Fairs Onsite INCLUDE:

*Onsite massage events such as health fairs, conferences, or employee appreciation days

*Regularly scheduled onsite massage programs for your staff as part of your company’s wellness package

Chair massages are just one of the many ways that we provide engaging and enjoyable events directly to your organizations. Let our dedicated team arrange your health and wellness programs to include corporate chair massages for you and your employees. So, relax and enjoy the rejuvenating effects of our onsite chair massage.